Architectural Review Process


 Role of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC):

The role of the ARC is to ensure that the residents of Charing Cross Estates continue to enjoy an attractive and appealing living environment, while still allowing for individual expression and general community improvement.  The ARC does not have the authority to approve or deny building permits; rather it works in partnership with the Bloomfield Township Building Department (BTBD) to promote a safe, and attractive living environment in Charing Cross Estates.  The BTBD requests ARC review prior to granting a building permit, so residents are encouraged to follow the process outlined below.  If planning a renovation or addition, homeowners may find it helpful to meet with the ARC in advance, and are most welcome to do so by contacting the committee chairperson directly. 

 Scope of Alterations for ARC review:

Exterior additions or modifications to existing structures on the property, including the main house as well as accessory structures.  Major landscape alterations (such as swimming pool or extensive hardscape feature) that would require a building permit.

ARC Review Criteria:

The ARC evaluates applications with regard to the Bloomfield Township Building Code, deed restrictions of the property, consideration of the property’s characteristics and features, features of neighboring properties, and consistency with the prevailing architectural themes of the neighborhood.

Under no circumstances will an ARC review be based on personal taste or opinion.  Rather, design suitability and acceptability will be based on the following considerations as they reflect the general characteristics of the existing homes in CCE. 

  1. Scale:  overall massing and proportional relationships.
  2. Design compatibility with the neighborhood, for example:  general architectural style, roof slope, choice of exterior materials (color, quality), and orientation of the house on the property.
  3. Impact on neighbors:  access, visibility, views, sunlight, drainage, ventilation, etc.
  4. Workmanship:  the quality of any and all construction should equal or exceed the quality standards of the neighborhood.

 ARC Review Process: 

Prior to filing your Application For Residential Building Permit with the Township, homeowners are requested to submit the completed form to the ARC to serve notification of intent to build.  The application will be reviewed and returned to the homeowner within seven business days (unless there are unforeseen circumstances that require more time). A copy of the Application For Residential Building Permit can be found on the Charing Cross Estates Association web site and can be checked against current versions found on the Bloomfield Township web site.

Please feel free to contact the board member in charge of Architectural Review if you have any questions.

If you would like to familiarize yourself with Bloomfield Township's ordinances, please go to

Additional information regarding Residential Building Code can be found at